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Under The Frequency NAB Edition

UTF travels to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2012 NAB Convention. We interview some of the best people in the film industry.
We also get a glimpse at some of the best film gear to come out later in 2012. 




Episode 5

Here it is, our fifth episode. This episode is dedicated to hip hop music and culture. Domes Boogie is a veteran El Paso MC; One Man Jazz is an expatriate who recently moved back to the City of Broken dreams...Also on the show is Gabriel Marquez an El Paso abstract artist. Rounding out the show is a freestyle performance by One Man Jazz and Domes Boogie.

Episode 4

In this episode of Under The Frequency we travel to Las Cruces, NM to meet up with a very talented filmmaker by the name of Ryan Valdez. He'll talk about how he got into filmmaking and some of his current projects. We also went to the Palomino Tavern to have a chat with El Paso native Tommy Mora, a songwriter based out of L.A. Tommy told us about opening up for Los Lobos at Speaking Rock. From there we went next door to the Low Brow Palace to have a conversation with Gabe Rivera. Gabe's also an El Paso native who's acted in a few feature films and now focused on releasing a new album later this year.


Episode 3

This time around we took it to the streets of downtown El Paso, TX for the first Neon Desert Music Festival. So many bands, artists, people and food we didn't know where to start. So up first we were able to chat with Lovefoxx and Ana Rezende from CSS plus catch a live performance. Then we sat down with two of the members of Dirty Vegas to tell about their new album and new record label. Later on show we have a performance from them. Then we wrap up the show with an interview from one of the members of Designer Drugs.

Episode 2

If you're watching this, thank you for your support. Episode 2 comes to you from the beautiful city of Austin, TX. SXSW 2011 was the perfect place to bring you our second episode. In this episode we sat down with ATN Management to talk about the great work they're doing for some charities and artists. Then we ran over to a popular venue in Austin called Emo's to get some quick words from El Paso's own Zechs Marquise. Then we wrapped up the show with Stalley, a recent signed rapper artist from Massillon, Ohio by way of New York City. Stalley talks about his latest album, shows and what's coming in the near future. A very special thanks to Cyndie Merillat Koetting, the Inkspot Tattoos and Coach's Grill for their support. Also thanks to our production and post-production help Julian Reyes, and Stephanie Caroline Soto. We'd also like to note that the artwork for Zechs Marquise graphic was done by Zeque Peña.


Episode 1

Welcome to Under The Frequency! In this episode we hung out with Justin Leeah, a local music producer, at his downtown studio. Then went over to visit an amazing visual artist by the name of César Iván who gave us a tour of his home. Then we closed up the first episode with one of El Paso's newest Electro-Party Funk band, Midnite Duel.